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THIS probably will NOT show. My posts have been SHOWING and THEN disappearing and I did not use any Political terms.

Jimmy V ran a slack practice. The “stars” got to lollygag around and did not get pushed as much as the rest of the team. That is well documented in many of the books about JV and also from the players and even a couple of “JV’isms”.

Coach Gottfried runs a totally structured and to the minute practice. His note cards and, I think, the BIG clock, are the LAW. You do NOT deviate. NOW, when he and Coach Lutz got into some elevated voice discussions last year, the timetable DID suffer. Nothing changed….but the personnel. Coach Lutz was very frank in his comments and emails. He was FIRED. BUT AD Yow allowed him to work on until October for NC Retirement vesting. THEN he left.

I kidded and said that Coach Lutz packed up our defense and took it with him. MAYBE he also stole some of the offense. Whatever happened today was probably the most embarrassing loss that I have seen a WP team endure….and THAT covers more years that I want to admit.

With all deference to BOTB’s “White Line” Theory, I have to WONDER. IF you run a tight ship and a structured practice, then obviously your team is NOT LEARNING. We did look like a street pick-up game and certainly NOT executing the SYSTEM….handed down from the rafters of Pawley by God Wooden. We are setting losing records that would even embarrass Dave Doeren.

We need some MOTIVATION….assuming that we have GOOD coaching….Jim Harrick, our $pecial Bench Consultant does NOT seem to bring that to the group. I vote for hiring Joe Gibbs. Anyone that can motivate (through a financial reward….or penalty) a NASCAR Pit Crew to constantly BEAT their times and also the rigors of perfect execution is ON TO SOMETHING. I think we ought to hire him.

Valvano was a GAME coach. Gottfried seems to be a practice coach. IF we ever start to practice what he preaches….we will be invincible. BUT, no Gottfried team has EVER been able to do that.

There will NOT be a Come to Jesus meeting. Coach was allowed back on the bus and did not have to UBER back home. Maybe he SHOULD have….

This is NOT going to be a good season. BUT, unless the NBA is really STUPID, Y7 and DSJ will NOT be in the Lottery Pick category….that is a fact of life. DSJ looked like CJ Leslie….how’s that working out?