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I think you are saying a lot of what I’ve been thinking. So many here act like GOTT don’t know how to coach, can’t coach D, doesn’t teach fundamentals, Blah blah blah. I am pretty sure there are few in coaching who know the game better than GOTT. Knowing what needs to be done ain’t the problem, it’s getting the kids to do it. That’s the hardest part of any job where you are leading people. It gets especially harder when you have kids who think they know more than you do, or have someone else in their ear telling them what they need to do or work on. Sure, being able to motivate is a part of the job too, probably the biggest part aside from recruiting. He’s GOTT his hands full now keeping his team together, because that was NOT team ball today.

There was no part of the game today that was good. Not one single player had a decent line score. But it is the same team who beat VT by 26 last game that gave us hope we could win today. DSJ had a triple double and thought he was going to do it again today. We’ll see where it goes, nobody knows. Hey, most everybody else has had a bad loss of their own, admittedly not as bad as this one, but we came back from Miami, let’s do it again.