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Ok I’m in. I will even give you a chance to adjust the record since you don’t have a clue of how many conference games the Pack will play. Give me a corrected guess and I will gladly put $50 if it somewhat correlates to the original proclamation.

I also want something in return. I don’t want your $$. Really don’t need it. If I win you have to proclaim that your knowledge on NCSU sports is non existent. That you will stop making bombastic statements just to troll people. You will not post on anything sports related unless it’s insightful and has some validity. None of these comments where you let us know what you are about to drink or eat for dinner. Ok, no posting for two weeks. That’s the only way to be sure there are no grey areas. The last two sentences is the agreement. This will be acknowledged by you by starting a thread that acknowledges the above. This will begin just after the record surpasses what you predicted. The thread will state “I know nothing and most people don’t care what I do”.

If you win I will start a thread that says you are all knowing and I paid you $50 bucks for your advanced knowledge.

Are you in?