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VaWolf: I always love your work. It is one of the main reasons that I keep coming back to this site. Nice job.

The ACC is strong and that cuts both ways. On the positive, losses probably won’t hurt the RPI too much, so we can get a lot of teams in. On the negative side, there are a lot of potential losses and then teams don’t look that good against “the eye test.”

With the talent on the roster, we SHOULD be able to go about 13-5 or even 14-4 and secure one of the top 4 spots. There’s 6-7 coaches in the league that could do that with our roster.

The reality is we have Gott coaching, will start slow and are already 0-1 in conference after laying an egg. Anything that is 9-9 (or worse) should have heavy scrutiny on Gott. We need to grow up fast.