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OK, CD….No offense, but I get kidded about being difficult to decipher and, in another land, have been told that I needed a Navajo Code Talker to decipher my zig-zag logic…..

Therefore, I totally agree….Stats don’t mean that a TG Male gotta squat to pee in the lady’s room, even when he IS feeling his feminine side (whilst feeling his subservient…but necessary appendage)…..WHAT is your prediction….TO paraphrase Howard Cosell, “I never played the COLLGEE Game..”????

On a slightly also relevant note, USC has cancelled the Saturday tilt against GA and rescheduled for Sunday. Ray Tanner (USC AD and Ex NCSU BB Coach) was formally advised by Gov Niki that the 200 SHP troopers would NOT be available and that the “direction” of the Interstates MIGHT not be back to normal….

Rain pants are now triple saturated with fabric guard….