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I did a quick search….you gotta think that SOMEONE had a phone running…. I nor my wife or any of our party of 7 could confirm a siting of a nipple or an undergarment….so was she hanging out or restrained….only the instant replay guy that copied the video will know…

I also predict that, as you say, the story will take on a life of its own. It will be told by 250,000 FANS that were THERE….and at least 50,000 were sitting beside the young lady or were in her section.

In addition, of those 50,000, at least 40,000 will proclaim is was Kate Upton or the best body double of her in existence…..

There will also be 10,000 of them that will write a tell all book and explain that it was a setup (as happened at an UCLA game) in the 70’s where a local stripper and her BF cameraman did a routine and she doffed a trench coat and had on a Bikini and was starting to undo the straps on her top. ABC quickly went to black.

SO, in the tell all books, there will be political implications as to WHOM she was supporting (Fill in the Blank) and WHY it was so important to further their cause by her exposing her ample femininehood to the world.

WONDER if the Fan Dance Cam will NOW be put on a 5 second delay….but that would make the “Beat” and the motions very OUT OF SYNC.