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The Band has a job to do. They volunteer and receive “benefits”. Iit is THEIR job to play These two individuals decided to use the BAND’s performance as a public protest. If they were dedicated musicians, then they COULD have played while kneeling….it ain’t, as a past trombone player, that hard.

They also could have excused themselves from the field and played or knelt off field. Then quickly caught back up with the next routine.

SO, they let down their teammates, the fans and also reneged on their commitment or the requirements for being a member of the band. Colin K. STILL plays ball, he just does NOT respect the National Anthem. It was the Band Member’s Requirement to PLAY IT….otherwise, why were they there….

I think that the only sane voice we have heard about this whole “protest” thing (BLM, America is not fair, Gender Mania, etc.) was the President of Notre Dame. He sounds like a reasonable person and I applaud him for taking a stand.

As Spock said….the Needs of the Many outweigh the Needs of the Few….

I started to text the “I am being hassled” number and report Offensive, Unsportsmanlike and Trigger Behavior…on the field by these two band members…..They let down THEIR team…. I guess we will see HOW it plays out…..