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Roo and BOTB, either one of you guys remember being around DDT? Nasty stuff. And who would have thought asbestos would be a bad thing? The elementary school I attended had ceilings made of the stuff. The roof was corrugated steel with a blown layer of asbestos exposed inside the rooms. I’m not sure how the stuff didn’t become airborne but the claim is it wasn’t a hazard. The county can’t demolish the building due to removal costs but “it’s not a hazard”. Me thinks that may not be completely true. I was on a submarine that had asbestos insulation removed for the reactor compartment which was roughly 30 X 30 X 40 and it took months with guys in special suits with forced air and them stuffing it into triple bags. Not a hazard, yeah right!

On another subject I just ran across this. You all might get a chuckle.
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