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Some of ya’ll know, I was born and grew up in what at the time was….the Sock Capital of the World… but I spent as much time on my Granddaddy’s farm as in town…

I remember when, as kids, we’d go down to the mighty Haw River a half a mile away, just to see what color the water was… ’cause it changed everytime Cone Mills emptied their dye vats… Orange, Purple, Black.. with a frothy foam that would make Guinness Stout proud and a stink skunks chose not compete with.

At the time… there was no doubt in my mind, nor is there now…
Given two options… I’m going to the ‘bacca patch, not the weave room….

That said…
One of my very best friends, who I spent 4 years with at NCState, was a Textile major. He worked his way up the ladder and when that Company finally went out of business after a late 80’s leveraged buyout ( sic… Reagan, William Simon, Michael Milken, et al) he was in charge of World Wide Operations, 20 plus mills a dozen distribution centers.

He tells me these days… the American Textile Industry is very much alive and thriving.

It’s all NON-Woven and 80plus percent ADULT diapers.
and yes… you can buy ’em at WallyWorld, which does NOT mean that one Company HASNOTDONEMORE to destroy the American economic base and the Middle Class of all colors than ALL the politicians combined, because it has ruthlessly done that very thing for decades…

Quality don’t count for Sh$t anymore and Wally is 99% to blame for that.

As far as diapers go… Some of ya’ll know what’s coming soon….

and it’s unfortunate that you young guys never had the opportunity to buy a pair of Florsheim Black Wingtip Shoes for $100 (in 1980 dollars) that would last a lifetime literally. I know I’m still wearing mine on occasion.

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