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McCallum if it were so simple as that. That was a big part for sure. WalMart is a big reason for the massive reduction of the US textile industry (note I did not say death as it has morphed). Cheap labor and such is a factor but having been on the inside I can tell you a lot was unwillingness to adapt, technology changes and the owners/managers like Mr Warlick passing blame. There was disruptive change and for many communities there was a severe cost to the workers. None of the mills I worked in during my career are alive and in most cases the buildings have been razed. Good or bad? I’m not sure but the change happened. Is it good to provide jobs at the expense of no innovation? If so can we do that in the face of global economics? There are a lot of issues packed into this. Many people I worked with lost their income with the change and the education they were provided didn’t help them adjust to that change.
I don’t have an answer but I have seen the human cost.