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As my conservative wolven friend said, “I grudgingly sort of hope (HillyBob) wins, because while she’s a criminal, she’s at least sane. But I can’t stand for having my name associated with her election.”

And I think that’s a completely fair, reasoned take on it. It’s not where I come out on the issue, but I understand where he’s coming from. I would be in a similar position if Sanders had won, it would be Johnson or nobody (since I can’t write in my cat in NC, though I have in the past for lower offices when no candidate had earned my vote).

As I noted above, I think the Presidential undervote will be pretty significant. We will see if one or both parties learn anything or not.

You’ve completely missed the boat if you think the Republican establishment wanted Trump to win the primary. He was probably the least favored of the party out of the 17 who ran.