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WOW….this is interesting….and, for the MOST part, it is just a “speculation” and has not deteriorated….OK, a little.

Without any hyperbole, my take is the following…

Pat and Roy will either be settled in the first few minutes after the polls closed….or we will be up all night and there will be recounts that make Gore v. Bush seem like a Sunday School Picnic. The NEA has been beating their email servers and the teacher’s “government paid” email accounts to death with propaganda. The Teacher’s “in boxes” (both physical and electronic) are stuffed daily with Anti-McC articles and fliers. It is WORSE in Wake County… The main theme is NOT that Teachers have NOT received raises….but they were not enough. No one, of course, points out that Mike Easley as AG and Gov fought windmills over two suits (intangibles tax and NC Retiree Tax Exemptions). The “outside attorneys” hired by AG Easley were paid sums approaching one BILLION….and they LOST. The AG’s staff was dead set against continuing to defend the issues, but Mikey was head strong. THEN he let state agencies squander upwards of 500 Million to “Insider…as in the DNC Network” software vendors and then Bev followed suit. Her malfeasance was in paying Unemployment benefits to folks that were NOT eligible. THEN, they had to PAY BACK $$….TWO BILLION? from the Feds and the FEDS (yes the FEDS) said that the payments were made in error and THEN the state had to pay it back. THAT is why the legislature (controlled by both parties) did NOT have the $$’s for the raises that should have been given….

McC by the thinnest of margins….but there WILL be a run on NON-ID’ed Voters….and there will be many “at large” votes challenges. Cooper’s future campaigning habits (will he attend Obama/Clinton rallies and be seen smiling and having selfies made with them?) will be interesting. I think he will have scheduling conflicts…but you never know…

Burr v. Ross. Deborah DID attend the HRC event along with the CLT mayor….Huma has NOT been seen on the campaign. Burr will be declared the winner by 10:00 perhaps earlier depending on how the rural NC vote totals come in.

Trump v. Clinton NC will not pull another 2008. Trump has momentum. HRC is fighting for NC, but her crowds in NC are less than stellar. Lot like the attendance in Keenan Stadium. Carefully chosen venues. Per one article in the N&O, the Wake Tech Gym Venue TODAY was at CAPACITY (but that was only 1400). Remember that Wake Tech is NOT the PNC or the Dean Dome or even the Cow Palace.

Clinton THEN was whisked off to Chapel Hill for the “Rescheduled” Fund raiser that was cancelled due to her health issues earlier in September. 165 folks paid a minimum of $2,700 to be in the same “location” as HRC. That raised, at a minimum of $450K. IF you wanted to actually get into the SAME room, you paid more. Want a photo? Shell out. Jimbo Fischer used the SAME technique at a FSU Booster Rally in West Palm Beach in 2014…was at the same resort and talked to the fans. Photo’s were EXTRA and they had TWO separate lines and a “stand-in” to set the shot so that the process generated the MAX $$’s. Who says Sports and Politics are different….

Trump was in Melbourne, FL today. Melbourne is smaller than Raleigh and Wake County is the TRUE BLUE LAND. The venue held 8500 or so there were about 6000 outside in very steamy and humid weather. SO, HRC only attracted 1400 today….and the visit was postponed and rescheduled due to CLT uninviting her. BUT, she left with some $$’s. Trump pulled in 25,000 and Florida is more of a D (Blue) state than NC is an R (Red). THAT type of enthusiasm speaks volumes about NC “Being in play”. The spending in the state is lopsided…with Jim Goodmon is working BOTH sides of the aisle…

Trump campaign posted a message that $18,000,000 (eighteen Million) was raised by his Deplorables….since the END of the Debate. NOT a bad haul….

That’s my prediction…, like our FB predictions are subject to change….I agree with the poster….WikiLeaks will NOT be kind to HRC….but don’t count on it helping out Patty McC..

EPR (End of Political Rant)….post on….