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I have no idea if the above is true, it must be….because it was posted on the MSM….

Folks might want to review the history of Durham. At one time, if my limited NC and Financial history recollections are correct, Durham was the Mecca of Black Enterprise. It was a very thriving and prosperous economy and it was driven by some extremely astute individuals….all of which are of Afro descent. Being able to make, manage and hold ON to $$ is not a trait of any race, sex, or sexual persuasion. Takes intelligence, common sense and discipline….and Durham was a fine example….most, due to the era, were obviously male…

It is really disheartening to see how much Durham has deteriorated and also how the “leadership” that has governed for probably 50 years has fallen into the “Detroit” mode. Having been in Raleigh since the early 60’s and traveled to CH and Durham, Durham is NOT the safe city that it was back then.

I would relate one more personal story from the 1968. I had a friend who moved to CH with his wife and baby. The wife was driving through the SAME neighborhoods that she did PRIOR to the riots. During the MLK riot, she was stopped and surrounded in her car by a group of young black males with guns, hammers, crowbars and Molotov Cocktails. This was mid afternoon. Finally, one of their leaders walked over and saw the 16 MO baby in the car seat. He smiled at the child and motioned for the group to part and let her drive away. This lady says that she “felt” an air of evil or karma. Fast forward….she was walking along the James River below her home several years ago. The DC Sniper was on the loose. She was stalked for a few hundred yards by a beat up sedan. She said that she was so nervous and then it hit her….she had NOT felt that bad Karma since 1968.

Bottom line, violence and rioting, is deplorable….and the participants should be called out and “classified” in the basket of undesirables that one candidate is well versed at doing….