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Factoids for consideration…..pesky little things…..DD’s Contract, which is NOT a secret…..see below….

Click to access davedoeren-ncsu-employment-contract.pdf

Contract runs through December, 2019….so he has (assuming he is NOT terminated for “convenience”) three (3) more years.

Base was UPPED to $840K. Therefore, he would receive $2,520K. Supplemental Salary is $1,360K or a total of $2,200K.

Les Miiles will get around $9 – $10 Million….but it will be paid out over a 6 (Six) Year period….that was the devil in the details. His contract, I THINK, was actually for FOUR (4) Years (Including THIS year). SO, instead of $3 Million or so, he will get $1.5 Million. That extended payout (which has been quasi confirmed) keeps him off the market longer, but he gets ALL the MONEY.

Therefore, if Les WERE offered the job….and assuming that we would “UP THE ANTE….”, to say $3 Million, then Les would only have a NET increase of $1.5 Million. BUT, he would have to work about 11 months out of the year. Half of that would be a 12 – 14 hour day for at least 6, maybe 7 days. The other period of time would be normal….probably 8 – 10 hours and maybe only 5 days per week.

Consider that he COULD get a gig and become a “Talking Head”. He could probably earn the SAME amount and not have to really WORK hard. He would fly first class or on a jet. he would have his own staff and not have a worry in the world.

SO, what are the odds of him taking a job….whether at NCSU or any other “same” level school? SLIM (I will NOT include NONE). BUT, if some power house school wanted him, then he would get more.

However, you NEVER know about what drive, ambition, ego, “reaction to being fired”, etc. will do to any individual’s personal goals…..

FWIW…..Remember Noel Mazzone? Chuck’s OC….during the PR years. He NEVER was a HC. He has had a long and storied career and is currently at Texas A&M. BUT, in between gigs, he had many opportunities….however, he was the Panther Creek HS (yes, High School, Cary, NC) OC in 2009. GO FIGURE…

DD will not be bought out….IMHO. He may (or may not….which candidate do YOU think will win the presidency….That is a MUCH EASIER bet) be bought out. We do NOT have the resources (off shore oil?) that LSU does.

Our Athletic Department’s budget or operation is pretty solid. We are not (last time I checked) operating in the RED….(OK, we WEAR RED). That is part of our legacy (cross?). SO, pulling out $2.5 Million would need to be OFFSET by increased attendance. THAT was the justification for firing Sidney….how’d THAT work out? YES, we have won more games, but we are NOT the force we once were in the ACC.

If we only have 3 or 4 wins, then AD Yow MIGHT make the move….but both scenarios are far fetched….

We had ONE Les….and it would take a LOT of Sheckles to buy out DD… Doubtful we will have another LES…