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Do we really have to choose between a small % (thank god) of asshole cops who can’t do their jobs without becoming oppressive (not saying all or even a majority of cops are that way, fwiw), over asshole rioters who can’t exercise their right to freedom of assembly without causing bodily harm or property damage? Sorry, I have no respect for either faction of those types. I’d like to dig a big hole and dump them all into it.

Sorry Police Officers, your job dictates that you be held to a higher standard of not being sh-theads. Otherwise it doesn’t work. Most of you understand this and do a wonderful job.

Sorry rioters, you’re the scum of society, just looking for a reason to tear sh-t up and maybe (probably) loot someone else’s property. I have no respect for any of you.

Really? C’mon guys. We’re adults here, neither of these things is acceptable. But people gon’ people.