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Go, no you don’t BUT you can’t do anything that can be taken as a threat and you sure as heck do not pull a gun OR make it look like you are. And DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD. You may not go home (depending on what you’ve done) but you’ll live through it.

As for Pitt, Canada lost that game. First 3 and out with 9 to go I thought to myself “Canada is going to lose this game”, and he did. Geees man, run one jet sweep instead of straight up the middle, and this game is over.

I agree just saying things are different. If that guy got out of the car with a gun then he is at fault. I have my C&C and the instructor told us repeatedly that day if we got pulled over for any infraction was to put our hands on the top of the steering wheel and leave them there until the officer tells you otherwise.

A black man shouldn’t have to anything different than any other person when getting pulled over whether he has a conceal and carry license or just a normal scenario.

What bothers me the most about these incidents is that they are all lumped together. The situation in Charlotte and the one Oklahoma are two different situations. The man in OK didn’t deserve to die. The scenario in Charlotte was brought about by poor judgment by the deceased. If he had a gun and got out of the car like it is being reported then the family has no one to blame.

This anti-cop movement has gotten out of hand. It is really worrisome. People have no clue what the job entails and the stress it takes to do the job.