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The South is still the South. It stands as the last vestige of traditional western civilization in that its ties are to the faith, kin and land.

If this is the measure then there are many places in the western states that this holds true.

When I was growing up there were so many small and family farms that seems for the most part to have passed. It looks to me more and more that people are moving out of small towns to suburbs and cities. Will small towns and communities go the way of the small farm or will they serve as bed and breakfast for the commuters. Are most young people staying or leaving. Are small towns turning into retirement communities?

Agree with your point. The agrarian model is much less materialistic than the capitalist/consumerist model.

The “brain drain” has always been in play. The issue since the early 90s has been the reduction in manufacturing jobs which allowed small towns to continue and thrive. The capitalist model demands low cost, that means the hypocrisy of outsourcing of jobs to reduce wages and reduce cost, specifically to China.

The capitalist model has thrived only in that it used the low cost impact of China, while China denies the basic fundamentals which are prerequisite for the formation of the capitalist model.