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Sad that any news on NC State football seems limited, to non existent these days. But I will say it again. We have 10 more games to play, and being at the ECU in Greenville, I will not blame this on the coaches, though I may not have agreed with some of their calls, the coaches didn’t miss 2 FGS, or drop an obvious pick 6, that was right it the defenders hands. Those 2 things meant the difference in a win and a loss, not to mention ECU is a quality team, and we will see that as the season goes along, but so are we, and we will see that too, as these goes along. And I will be in my seat cheering my team on regardless, not just a fair weather fan. Also have the gala for Reynolds Coliseum, and hall of fame inductees, but nothing on that either.

(CD Edit/Reply 🙂 This is a well done castigation. Seriously. I’m sitting on a dock by the bay when I should be in Raleigh.

Where are you guys?