N&O: State’s Stagnant Season

The N&O’s Joe Giglio jumps into a retrospective of the Wolfpack’s 7-5 season in this article.

Article Highlighs #1  

Lots of interesting numbers in the article…that basically point to the simple conclusion that “we don’t suck as much as we did in Doeren’s first year”

To Doeren’s point, in 2014 N.C. State lost five ACC games by an average of 23.4 points and two games by more than 33 points.

This season, N.C. State lost five ACC games by an average of 13 points and didn’t lose any by more than 17 points.


The Wolfpack sprinted out to a 28-0 lead at Wake Forest on Oct. 24, for its first win in Winston-Salem since 2001.

It had a 20-19 lead on Clemson, the No. 1 team in the country, with a minute left in the first half. Just the year before, the Tigers destroyed N.C. State, 41-0 on the road.

The Pack also held a 17-7 lead at Florida State, a place it had been out-scored 83-17 on its previous two trips, midway through the second quarter.

Ultimately, I think the season boils down to two games where Doeren & Co failed to deliver that would’ve been transformative for both our record and for our relative positioning against our competitive — Louisville and at Virginia Tech. Had NC State not laid tremendous eggs when given the opportunity to win both of those games we would all be feeling SO much better; but, interestingly, I believe that our bowl placement would probably be identical to how we ended up, regardless — we’d be in Charlotte at the Belk Bowl.

My summary points are as follows:

(1) N.C. State (7-5) finds itself a day before Christmas in nearly the same exact spot it was last year, with the same record and almost the same vital statistics, albeit with a loss to rival North Carolina in the regular-season finale instead of a win.

(2) Early October losses to Louisville and Virginia Tech, in particular, extinguished any hope of the team’s preseason goal of “raising the bar.” Key lapses, like in the first quarter of the Louisville game or second quarter at Virginia Tech and the opening quarter of the UNC game, crippled N.C. State’s chances at surpassing last year’s win total.

(3) Given the 3-5 finish in the ACC, even with rare road wins at Wake Forest and Boston College, the negatives counter-balanced the positives. That explains an equally unsettling answer to a different question.

We will definitely have more coverage and commentary on football through the Pack’s Belk Bowl battle with Mississippi State (see uniforms by clicking here).

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    This season was lost with losing that game at VT. There is no reason we shouldn’t have rolled into the Clemson game undefeated…with probably Gameday in town…and no matter that outcome, the exposure of that game would have been a tremendous boost to this program.


    We find out what kind of coach we have next year, with W/L ratio being only one metric.

    And enough of this imaginary Chuck history. There’s a reason why the only job he could get was with a Akron team coached by Terry Bowden.


    We find out what kind of coach we have next year, with W/L ratio being only one metric.

    And enough of this imaginary Chuck history. There’s a reason why the only job he could get was with a Akron team coached by Terry Bowden.

    THIS (both parts). If Doeren is no good, we will fall apart. If he’s good, we will rise to the challenge, and you will be able to see the growth, even if’n we go 7-5 again (all 7-5’s are NOT created equal, obviously).

    And with all due respect to those who for some reason “feel the Bern” (THIS mofo is ready for Hilly-Bob), the market speaks volumes. With respect to Chuckles and now HWSNBN.


    I guess it is too late in the evening….

    If you recall, we lost Hakim Jones in the VT game….about mid way (memory) in the fist half. It was ALL uphill after that. We really had NO back-up or experience. THAT HURT….and his injury was a direct reflection of the loss.

    Can’t recall about the Louisville game, except we have been beaten by them in both 2014 and 2015. Seems like we just don’t match-up well.

    Too early to be analyzing 2016….wait until after spring practice and also the pre-season camp.

    Debbie will be reviewing DD’s performance and will take action if it is not up to her expectations.

    I personally am looking forward to the Belk Bowl and not dwelling on the past results…


    Expect a down year??? Really, you mean we lose to Wake and BC??? How more down can a less than horrible (which is what we’ll be) team be? Not concerned about the QB position…while Jacoby did nothing to hurt us he sure didn’t exactly make huge plays for us this year either. Our RB’s should stil be very productive and the rest of the team should at least remain to hold it’s own. While I WILL NOT renew my season tickets out of general disgust from the L-Ville and UNC game I’m not worried about much of a drop off from a 7-5 team.


    Our problem this year is our offense was one dimensional. Stop the running backs you stopped our team. VT and Lville were both downpours negating the advantage of running back. They couldn’t cut and make people miss. This isn’t an excuse just an observation, that we need the deep threat down the field to really be effective offensively. I haven’t been a fan of Canada’s since he got here and I am still not.

    As for schedules, I don’t hold that against DD as he inherited this schedule. On the bright side we seem to have a lot of home and away agreements coming up with power 5 conferences, so the schedule thing shouldn’t be an issue too much longer.

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