Gametime set for CHeaters visit to Raleigh

The ACC announced that Saturday’s regular season football finale between NC State and the UNC-CHeaters is set to kick-off at 3:30pm. The game will be televised on ESPN2.

As we gear up for this year’s game there is no reason to forget last year!

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    The ACC announced that Saturday’s regular season football finale between NC State and the UNC-CHeaters is set to kick-off at 3:30pm. The game will be
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    MarSqueeze is as soft as quilted Charmin two-ply….and of similar value. He’s a breakdown waiting to happen. Hit him early, hard and often until he fakes injury and whimpers to the sideline. F the Cheats


    Could this be the start of a three game losing streak for Chapel Hill?


    Marquise is a puss. He folds with the pressure cooker is turned up. Cheers to him laying horizontally many times come Saturday.


    I was listening to FoxSports radio last night, and some yahoo Walmart uNX fan called in to say how the hOles were going to blow up the playoffs after “we beat Clemson and finish 12-1”. Obviously he is looking right past the Pack, as I imagine the team is too. Here’s to blowing up the h0les dreams when State catches them looking ahead and leaves Queasy looking up at the sky.


    Ain’t no way UNC goes to the “final four”. Not with an 11-3 record!

    If they had to play in the Atlantic Division, they’d be 7-5 this season.


    Really looking forward to this game. I think we run it down their throats and hit both QBs early and often. Lots of big plays and momentum swings but in the end…
    it’s a RED and White day.


    Going all out with the NC State attire for this one. So trusting the team won’t make me regret it. Pressure and contain Marquise, and shut down Hood, and we should have this one in the bag, barring overseen turnovers. Go Pack!


    What was last years line


    I watched the Cuse game this afternoon and both lines have really solidified especially the o-line since the cards and Hokies. Run, run and run some more. Don’t let those p—— breath. I wonder if the Vet school could find a pale horse for Jacoby to ride in on.


    I think we will have to live and die by the blitz. Otherwise Marpuss will burn our generally inept secondary. I think we have to get the occasional stop but expected to get burned numerous times.

    I don’t see us able to hang with their receivers. I think they. One out and throw it deep on the first play.

    Our run game needs to be at its prime. Jacoby needs to have his best game. If we can keep their front 4 off of Brisset, will have a chance.


    Nice picture! I believe in miracles….except from our basketball team.


    This is going to be a tough one. But I am feeling the home field advantage. I agree with many. We have a better run the ball team. Run the ball run the ball. Old school smash mouth football is run it first and second down and if you don’t get the first down then pass on third down. Sounds generic I know but you must admit it is fundamental and should keep orange counties university’s offense limited and off the field. GO PACK!!!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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