Coach D Adds 3 to #Pack14 Recruiting Class

Yesterday NC State officially announced the hiring of DBs coach George Barlow and he and Coach Doeren didn’t waste any time loading Coach Barlow up with some talent. The coaches wasted no time in hitting the road after the recruiting dead-period which ended yesterday and set Twitter ablaze with all the “Red Light” action. For those who have been under a rock, the “Red Light” coming on is the coaching staff’s way of saying we got a new football commit and last night the “Red Light” came on 3 times as two 4-stars and a 3-star all tweeted their commitments last night.

3-star DB from Maryland, Elliot Davis was the first to commit minutes after Coach D and Coach Barlow left his house for their in-home visit.

Davis absorbed all that he learned from the Wolfpack coaches and thought about his college options for about 30 minutes. The 6-foot-2, 175-pounder was essentially down to NC State and Rutgers, with an official visit planned for the latter at the end of the month.

Davis called up Doeren and gave his verbal commitment, becoming the 27th member of NC State’s No. 28-ranked recruiting class. Davis joined Charlotte Davidson Day senior cornerback Michael Stevens as the cornerbacks recruits for the class.

“Having Coach Doeren and Coach Barlow definitely played a big role in the timing of my commitment in doing it today,” Davis said. “He [Doeren] basically told me the things that he’s been telling me for a while now. He didn’t necessarily tell me anything new. Just to see it in person and hear the passion in his voice, he is an extremely genuine guy.”


Something that I think is great about Coach Doeren and his staff preaching a family atmosphere is that the guys buy-in. After each commit #pack14 commits and some of the current players start tweeting things like:

Early enrollee from #Pack14 BJ Hill

Pack14 TE – Cole Cook

#Pack14 QB – Jalen McLendon

Just as things on twitter started to settle down my phone started buzzing again and this time it was a seriously unexpected commit from 4-star DB and son of NFL Pro-Bowler, Troy Vincent who turned the “Red Light” and stirred up a ton of excitement. Vincent was a long time commit of Penn St but when Bill O’Brien left he started thinking about his future. After talking with new Penn St. coach James Franklin, Vincent felt like Franklin wanted his own guys there and started looking around again. Coach Doeren has a long standing relationship with Vincent and that is what he cited in a recent interview

“I’ve known Coach Doeren and the majority of his staff since I was in the seventh grade,” he said. “It’s kind of like I’m just going back to my roots.”

The son of the former NFL star by the same name says his flip from Penn State to N.C. State was not an uninformed decision. Vincent committed to N.C. State during coach Doeren’s in-home visit.

“At first we were just sitting there talking about the school and the program,” Vincent said. “He told us about how he coaches and his philosophy. This wasn’t an emotional decision. We had done research. I’ve talked to former players that played for him at different schools. They spoke highly of him and everything I heard was consistent. Everybody felt the same way. My mom and dad were just as excited as I was.”

Shortly after Vincent’s commit, 3-star safety Shawn Boone turned the ‘Red Light’ but with a little more controversy. The coaches tweeted out the red light excitement but shortly after Boone himself tweeted

So Wolfpack Nation will have to wait for this one but we think it is 99% sure that he has committed but just wants to have an announcement ceremony for his friends and family. So we’ll keep an eye on that situation but we here at SFN are still pretty excited about the possibility of Boone joining #Pack14.

Where does that leave #Pack14?

With 28 committed, Coach Doeren’s first full class currently stands at 20th in the class rankings and 3rd in the ACC behind Clemson & FSU but there is still potential for a few more. State is going hard at the WR, RB and OT positions and would love to sign 4-star WR from Durham Trevion Thompson, 4-Star RB from Durham Donte Thomas-Williams, and either 3-star UVA commit Will Richardson or 3 star former Mizzou commit Zach Hudson. Thompson and Richardson have already officially visited NC State and DTW & Hudson will OV next weekend. Realistically I think we can take 2 of the 4 but TT, DTW and WR are guys the staff loves and would make room for if they all wanted to commit.

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    Yesterday NC State officially announced the hiring of DBs coach George Barlow and he and Coach Doeren didn’t waste any time loading Coach Barlow up wi
    [See the full post at: Coach D Adds 3 to #Pack14 Recruiting Class]



    Gotta be excited about the recruiting. Lord knows we need the talent upgrade.



    By my “back of the napkin” math estimates…seems like we will be Top 30 at the very least, when all the dust settles. A great testament to this staff’s sales ability.



    Love hearing this news. Coach Doeren really is light years ahead of our former coach. Specifically that he actually tries to recruit the 4 and 5 star players. Instead of our former coach saying something like “I prefer to recruit 1 & 2 stars and turn them into 4 & 5 stars”. Yeah TOB how did that work out?

    Anyway does anyone know if the running back(forgot his name) from Havelock has made his commitment yet? Is it still down to State, UGa & Tenn?




    Scott has not committed.



    Thank you Rad.



    Seeing the competition list…not hopeful. Even with a great staff selling us. Georgia is Georgia.



    I thought we were competing with Tenn and USC east for Scott?



    We are out of it for Derrell Scott, he’s down to USC< Tenn, and Fl



    Man, not a bad haul for a team that had zero conference wins. Great job.



    I can’t think of a single colt from an All-Pro sire to stable at State’s barn.




    I can’t think of many All-Pro’s. (Gabriel, Holt and Adrian Wilson-any others?)



    Rivers has his own stable kids…if old enough to enroll, let em sling it



    It’s quite comfortable under my rock. 🙂



    Peeka Boo, Va.

    No…State has it’s share of All-Pro’s.
    I said progeny of such.

    The Vincent kid is the first, to my recollection.

    I think it’s a big deal in trust.



    we have 28 commits? how many more can we add?



    Are recruits still going to UGA to be part of the most talented teams to never win anything?

    If DD is only an average coach and can consistently recruit 20th ranked classes, we become a 20th ranked program.

    Short term goal is to become a top 25 program in 3-5 years.

    Medium term goal, is to remain a top 25 program years 5-10 years.

    10+ year goal is to build upon the 20-25th ranked program. Utilize the 5th most talented state (behind CA, TX, FL & GA) in the country’s rich population and demographic resources. (in 10 years our population could overtake GA’s)

    These are realistic goals assuming we have no major donors step forward and provide transformative gifts giving a competitive advantage.



    How many commits are you allowed in one year? We have 28 and still hard after 3 or 4 more?



    Impressive recruiting.

    My main concern is our coordinators. I seem them as below average. We need talent because we are not going to out coach any team.



    I think his recruiting is impressive given the results from this past season and how short-sighted most 17/18yos are. If he can get a season or two of modest success I think the sky is the sky is the limit for DD’s recruiting.



    As an update, we’ve gotten commitment from Richardson, and lost out on Thompson (Clemson). Missing out on Thompson hurts, because I still don’t see a Naz Worthen/Haywood Jeffires/Koren Robinson/Torry Holt/Cotchery caliber of WR in this class (or in our program, to be frank).

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