ACC 2004-05 Awards

** Disclaimer – I was out of town on business, and did not see the official picks before making this list. It is a complete coincidence that they match up so well. **

Sadly, the good folks at StateFansNation don’t have a ballot in the all-ACC, COY, ROY, and POY voting. Additionally, I haven’t polled my fellow bloggers to arrive at a consensus decision, although I welcome them to share their thoughts in the comments section. Here we go:

All-ACC (first team):

R. Felton, UNC

C. Paul, Wake

J. Redick, Duke

S. May, UNC

S. Williams, Duke

The only change from my rankings after the “turn” is the addition of Redick and the subtraction of Hodge. Somebody had to be demoted to second team, and Hodge’s inability to will the desperate Pack to a signature win was the only way I could make a distinction here. Hodge is still one of NC State’s all-time greats, and I would have loved to see him play for us under a non-Sendek head coach. Alas, it’s not to be. All five players represent the first-tier of the top-heavy ACC.

All-ACC (second team):

J. Hodge, NC State

J. Jack, GT

G. Diaz, Miami

E. Williams, Wake

J. Gray, Wake

The 10th spot was the hardest to fill, but it goes to Justin Gray. Wake only got 1 player on the first team, so it seems right that they get 2 on the second team.

Coach of the Year: Seth Greenberg, VT

To me, this is an easy choice, although Roy Williams also did a magnificent job this year. I am not convinced that ANY other coach in the ACC, or maybe even the entire country, could have won 8 ACC games with VT’s roster. I feel certain that Coach K would have had a relapse of his back problems.

Player of the Year: Sean May, UNC

This is a change from my earlier vote for Chris Paul – but Wake struggled down the stretch, and Paul’s supreme bush-league sucker punch to Hodge’s stones makes it easier to go another direction. May has shouldered a heavy load as UNC’s only real low-post player, and has only gotten stronger as the season progressed. The double double-double (20+ points and rebounds) in the finale vs. Duke cemented this decision. Raymond Felton and Sheldon Williams also merit heavy consideration. To me, J.J. Redick is too one-dimensional to earn the award.

Rookie of the Year: Marvin Williams, UNC

Yes, I’m just as tired of hearing Vitale gush about him as everyone else. Bottom line, the kid is a very good and effective player. His effectiveness elevates him over Sean Singletary of UVA.

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4 Responses to ACC 2004-05 Awards

  1. Dave 03/09/2005 at 4:58 PM #

    Good picks. They are exactly the same as mine and the official choices (except for POY).

    I don’t think they’ve announced POY yet. To me, May would be Player Of The Last Month, but not quite year. Still, not a bad selection. You could make a solid argument for any of the First Team guys this year.

  2. BJD95 03/09/2005 at 8:34 PM #

    Damn, I didn’t know the official picks had been released yet (I was on the road off the net from midday Monday until this afternoon). I was hoping to be ahead of the curve on this one!

    Let me assure my readers that I wasn’t just trying to parrot the official line.

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