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    The ultimate question is — just how bad are the Gamecocks?

    Are they really that bad? Or, is Texas A&M a lot better than people expected? Or, was USC just NOT PREPARED for last night’s game?

    One thing is for sure…if ECU manages to beat them next week then I hope USC loses every game of the year so that beating them will mean nothing.



    Somebody…. Call 911 and send EMS over to Mr. Stick’s house….

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    I’d still buy them, may have gotten blasted last night, but we could desperately use the linebacking help.

    For the record, I think TAMU is much better than people expected. Kenny Hill reminds me a lot of Russell Wilson. Sumlin can coach, and he’s been recruiting incredibly well. Having the SEC to sell really sets you apart.

    Maybe sometimes they don’t finish second to Meechigan.



    Highstick lives in a pretty nice house.



    The Cocks have zero pass rush. And it was swiss cheese all night for the Aggies. I see the Cocks losing 5 or 6 this year.

    Not sure how good the Aggies are. They can score some points, that is for sure. The young OC is going to get some serious looks.



    Wow! Things are never as good or as bad as they appear….but, after week one you’ve got to think that Georgia will beat USC by a 100 and the Bulldogs are clearly the team to pick in the SEC East. Heck, after yesterday’s games I think Georgia has to be one of the four finalists for the playoff spots.



    Who knows…but I’m sure not looking forward to having to deal with a bunch of “tiny dicks” from EZU one week end and then “moronic knuckle draggers” who can’t hold their liquor” the next…

    You guys should be thanking me…I went out to mow grass when it looked like “Knuckle Dragger Southern” was in control…Came back in and it was 20-10.. 20-17 when I got out of the shower, put my NCSU tee shirt on and the rest is history.

    That was pretty damned bad last Thursday. I went back over the depth chart today and the glaring part is last years front 4. If you think Clowney didn’t play, maybe he didn’t have to because he had some other folks who would stop the run and pass rush while everyone else was double and triple teaming Clowney. I sure would like to hear JD’s and Swearinger’s comments on Thursday night.

    Thank God for Jawja though…I don’t have to listen to “kitty crap” this week!



    BTW, that butt spanking that the puppies gave the kittys was equally bad as the arse whupping by the Ags..It would have been worse except for a penalty on the next to last play and Richt opting for a knee on the last play…

    I sure hope Lou was right about his quote last night about thing’s not being as bad as they look..I never bought into that 3-4 D anyway…maybe with different personnel, but it sure didn’t make sense the other night.

    I do give the Aggie’s receivers a lot of credit…Big fast dudes and they didn’t come down easy even when they were tackled(which was infrequently)….

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