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    Does anyone else find it strange that the Basketball staff has not hired the last assistant coach position? I would imagine that having the spot filled would help with recruiting. Maybe there is a reason why and maybe Keatts has someone particular in mind.

    Anyone have any answers or thoughts?



    Or maybe rather than hire a random person we are better off without. I can see either.



    Keatts may be holding out for someone who is not free at this time. Could be any number of reasons. A good reason might be to use the money on the ones he has.



    Just a reminder…

    The last few seasons we had more “suits” than “jerseys” on the bench….

    I’m not sure that every “player” needs a “adult”… if so, that’s perhaps reflective of a whole other problem….


    Maybe, in more ways than one, this season’s slogan ought to be…

    “More with less…”



    Good points. Too many suits spoil the…

    I’d like to see the student managers go back to wearing polo type shirts, khakis and sneakers — something appropriate to to the job they are doing. I imagine they’d like it better. too.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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