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    Participant missed this..
    but CBS GOTT it first..

    Gene Chizik … wasn’t he the guy that orchestrated Cam Newton’s sudden appearance as a Auburn Tiger ??
    He ought to feel right at home on Manning Drive…

    And he’s gonna feel funny telling his players that they GOTT to go to class…

    Go Bubba!!

    #ForEighteenYears? #WeGottDis.pack! #STATEment


    Heck of a hire for that position. I would imagine he would benext in line.



    The cheats couldn’t have done any better than this. He sucks as a head coach but his DC track record is good.



    Yep. At will. No lockerroom to be spared.

    Bring it, oh HC in waiting.

    Ya gotta give ‘em credit, SMH.



    I wonder if Bubba’s thinking with all things considered…
    Two head coaches might be better than the one he can’t get rid of…

    #ForEighteenYears? #WeGottDis.pack! #STATEment


    I forgot to mention that they are now officially THE pre-preseason fave to win the Coastal.

    After FSU went down in such fashion, UNx is our first 4 in, by God.



    So State wins 24-7 next year. Works for me.



    Based on this article he will fit right into their culture.

    “Chizik consented because he got to experience what not cheating and relying solely on his coaching acumen yielded at Iowa State. Auburn was an unbelievable gift. He couldn’t blow it. And he didn’t have to create the environment. He just had to not actively oppose it.”

    Have to read down to get to the Chizik part but then there is some fantastic stuff regarding UNC-CH pre the latest bombshells. I need to see if this writer has followed up on the UNC situation.




    “It is also interesting to me that Mack was around this kind of fraud. His reputation has always been pristine when it comes to NCAA rules, but maybe that reputation is not deserved. Or perhaps, his ethics are simply fluid and he takes on the ethics of his employer.”

    How the UNC BOT continues to ignore the laughingstock UNC-CH has become is beyond me. Too bad Bill Friday is not alive to see his Carolina Way today.



    I guess every UNC opponent next year better make sure their backup QB can win a game for them. It seemed like the Auburn D (or maybe just Nick Fairley) illegally speared and injured every starting QB they encountered in 2010.

    If I remember right Clemson, SC, Alabama and maybe Arkansas had big leads on them that year when their QB’s went down with “controversial” hits.




    I don’t know about Mack Brown’s reputation with the NCAA, but I can tell you that he didn’t have anybody around here fooled. None of this is a “surprise” about his tenure there — in addition to a program that exhibited all the signs of being out of control with arrests and running roughshod on campus… There was actually an informal investigation into agent activity by a federal law enforcement body some 20+ that never became public.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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