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Time to make Frank Haith more dazed and confused than usual! The LiveBlog returns, to cure your post-Christmas depression. Or to give you a safe venue to wallow in it. Your mileage may vary.

7:54 – It sure will be nice when our game starts, and we can all turn away from this dishwasher-dull Louisville/Da U bowl game. I’ve rarely been this bored by a game that has included a safety. That may be all that the Canes get, BTW.

7:59 – Tipoff awaits. 16-2 L’ville.

8:01 – Jeebus, if this interview is live, ain’t nobody there…

8:02 – OK, think it was pre-recorded. Pretty nice crowd for a late tip during the most seppuku-friendly time of year.

8:04 – HWSNBN would love Mizzou’s shot selection. Yeesh.

8:06 – Des may have the beginnings…of the hallowed Talibeard.

8:10 – Announcing crew does nice job summarizing how the mojo of this team has changed from last season.

8:12 – Buckets with some badass D!

8:14 – Two fouls on Cat, and this team presents HUGE matchup problems for WBS.

8:20 – Love the Buckets lovefest. Dude is awesome.

8:23 – Good loose ball hustle by Turner saves the possession.

8:24 – Buckets again. Unstoppable from anywhere on the floor.

8:25 – VandenSLAM!

8:26 – All hail the King! Hippo!!

8:27 – The King swats it away, Des calls for the adulation of the crowd. And gets it.

8:29 – Rick has it right in the comments – best defense NC State has played all season. A joy to behold.

8:30 – If Des starts nailing threes, he’ll be a deadly weapon.

8:33 – That looked like another clean KH swat to me.

8:34 – Anytime Buckets misses in transition…I am shocked.

8:38 – WBS leaves his feet a passer. There’s a saying ’bout that.

8:39 – MG is angry. We are already cramping his style on a Saturday night.

8:42 – Jimmy Dykes must be medicated this year. He’s sane and measured in his commentary.

8:44 – Best compliment I can give Buckets – you could drop him into the 1974 State/MD ACCT final…and he would fit right in.

8:46 – WBS with a nice drive to the hole, draws a foul. More of that, please.

8:48 – Our shitty foul shooting has re-emerged at the worst possible time.

Your Halftime Score – NC State 32, Mizzou 30. Sluggish finish.

9:11 – Need to change the mojo? Bring on KH!

9:13 – Don’t need Des falling in love with that shot.

9:14 – Cat to Buckets. Silky smooth goodness.

9:15 – On the football front? Go home, Miami. You’re drunk.

9:19 – Washington extends the lead to seven.

9:23 – Not liking the change in flow here. At each end of the court.

9:26 – Buckets turns the tide on offense with a 3, then Cat creates a turnover. Pack up 5 with the ball, flurry survived.

9:28 – One should expect at least one or two more flurries to come.

9:32 – Washington is another throwback player.

9:33 – Right now he’s throwing Mizzou back. Pack by ten. Confidence can be a very useful thing.

9:37 – Washington with a posterizing swat, too. His night.

9:40 – Blatant travel, not whistled.

9:43 – Entire lead has evaporated. Not feeling too good right now.

9:45 – Vandy might wanna think about shaving those pits a bit.

9:46 – VERY good timeout by MG.

9:47 – Still not sure what the ACTUAL call was there. Scoreboard never changed.

9:48 – One could argue that Mizzou threw an elbow and it’s a flagrant 1.

9:50 – Nope. We got screwed, and hard.

9:51 – Karma made that Turner 3 go in.

9:52 – WBS draws a HUGE charge to keep us in the game.

9:53 – Two of three have gone in, but not real comfortable with “Turner jacks up wild three” as the go-to play down the stretch.

9:55 – SHIT. Have to get that rebound.

9:56 – I’m thankful that Frank Haith overthinks late-game situations more than we underthink ‘em.

9:57 – We force Mizzou into a terrible shot…and they hit it. Fuck me.

9:59 – Cat’s gotta make these.

10:00 – Damn it all to shit.

10:01 – I’m afraid we gonna lose. Not a just outcome, but it is what it is.

10:05 – Fran, we don’t have to have an INTENTIONAL missed FT play…

Your Final Score – Mizzou 68, NC State 64. This one smarts.

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    Time to make Frank Haith more dazed and confused than usual! The LiveBlog returns, to cure your post-Christmas depression. Or to give you a safe venue
    [See the full post at: Pack/Mizzou LiveBlog]



    Teddy Bridgewater getting an early start on keeping up his tradition of taking a physical beating in bowl games.


    Alpha Wolf

    Win or lose, fans should not take away too much from this game. It’s going to be a tough one with little margin for error, but I like the Pack’s chances. Let’s hope that mistakes and/or refereeing don’t change the outcome.

    They’ll need to play their best game of the year on both ends of the floor, but either way it’s going to be a perfect object lesson for the young players about what’s to come for the conference slate that’s now just around the corner.

    And, oh by the way, UNC-G beat Virginia Tech today.



    Great opportunity for the young team.






    LiveBlog, baby.

    I’ve been strangling the Christmas Goose all afternoon. Now it’s time for vodka!



    VPI is hot garbage, but still a sign that UNC-G can’t be taken for granted (especially on the road, though I like that we are playing them there).




    “I’ve been strangling the Christmas Goose all afternoon.”

    What a coincidence. I might be choking the chicken later :D



    Holiday depression, you say? Chan needs a hug:





    I’ve done more funeral wakes in the past 2 months than any Holidays could possibly top.



    Hey, we sure has made this pre-game all wristcutty, eh? Woohoo!!!!



    I was only following your lead, Mr. Cheery. :D

    I do prefer a wristcutty pregame to postgame though.



    Flowers aint cheap, are they?



    OK… while we’re waiting for the tipoff … Kentucky spanks da’Ville….. who do you feel sorry for…. ????

    The correct answer is…..



    Let’s put a stop to the black plague and get ready for a good game.

    IMO Haith is not too good a coach.

    BTW Gott, Lutz, Early Moxley, Anya, Freeman, Washington and Barber were at the Holiday tournament yesterday.

    Remember the name Thon Maker. Un-friggin-believable. I have never seen such a player



    Did they really miss the tip off while they were jawing?




    Not wristcutty at all. Not when ya think about it.

    ‘Specially when ya put an Irish Catholic boy in the mix of wakes and holidays, and such.



    Buckets is… well buckets



    that is a travel



    and fifteen leads with his elbow. They need to call that



    Cat is unreal quick



    That blocking call was some BS. Used some extra elbow in that elbow grease.



    I’m just gonna call him “C” because he’s gone before I can get “at” out of my mouth.

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