Tom Burleson Won’t Back Down

There have been rumors on the web that Sendek called Burleson after
his last interview on 1090 to complain. Also rumors have been floated that
he will no longer receive comp tickets to NC State basketball. Today would
have been the perfect outlet for Burleson to back down
from his comments on March 16th. No Dice.

Burleson was on the Triangle Sports Talk 1090, and he won’t back down.
Listen here for the audio.

Couple quotes:
“Princeton offense would be great for the Ivy League”
“Cedric Simmons really needs the fundamental of boxing out and defense”
“I don’t feel our teams are fundamentally strong”

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47 Responses to Tom Burleson Won’t Back Down

  1. BJD95 03/30/2006 at 1:04 PM #

    “Nice guys finish 3rd or 4th.”

    Keep speaking up, Tommy B. We’re certainly behind you.

  2. class of '74 03/30/2006 at 1:07 PM #

    It was pure honesty from someone of impeccable credentials. So you HSSS’ers put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  3. Cardiff Giant 03/30/2006 at 1:13 PM #

    If the rumors about Herb retaliating are true, that would seem true to form indeed.

  4. Only One 03/30/2006 at 1:18 PM #

    c’mon guys. Tommy B is just a member of the “lunatic fringe”. He knows nothing of bball. I mean c’mon. I’m sure that playing for a real coach, going undefeated one year and winning a national title the next year PALE in comparison to the VAST amounts of experience Coach Lurch got handing out bags of money to his players and is infintesimal compared to the brilliance of Herb’s coaching efforts. After all, Herbuffoon went to carnegie mellon and graduate Summa Cum WhoCares.

    Here’s a question. Lurch Cheated at Podunk you. Why is he so adamant about running an ivory pure program here.

  5. ThomYorkepack 03/30/2006 at 1:18 PM #

    If I could somehow find out that that Tommy was in some way being “retaliated” against for speaking his mind against the Sendek/Fowler regime, I would never give another dime to anything associated with NC State athletics as long as the status quo remains.

    Thank God for people that have the guts to speak out against the malaise and defeatism that is enveloping our program because of Sendek.

  6. Only One 03/30/2006 at 1:19 PM #

    >If the rumors about Herb retaliating are true, that would seem true to form indeed.

    by the way. who would win the fight between Tommy B and Herbuffoon? Tommy has the reach and the competitive fire. Herbuffoon is just a yippy little dog. All noise. No bite.

  7. old13 03/30/2006 at 1:24 PM #

    Good for TB!!!

  8. Gopack80 03/30/2006 at 1:25 PM #

    Sadly, many will paint Tommy out to be the bad guy in all of this. As right as he is, the mind-boggling supporters of Herb who have a lot of influence will trounce Burleson’s name. Which pisses me off to no end.

  9. THE Only One 03/30/2006 at 1:25 PM #

    Let me remind you of who is the ONLY Olympian eager to pick up the silver medal…

  10. class of '74 03/30/2006 at 1:34 PM #

    I still say when the best and most recognizable players of all time tell you something isn’t right with your program it’s time to prepare for a change. Inspite of our AD being a fool, this program is headed for a shakeup it is just a matter of time and that time is getting closer I feel.

  11. thirdworld333 03/30/2006 at 1:35 PM #

    Keep speaking the truth Tommy. Somebody is going to have to do something eventually. I just want a coach who wants to win as bad as the fans do. HS is the defeatist here.

  12. class of '74 03/30/2006 at 1:36 PM #

    The title reminds me, I think I’ll listen to a little bit of Tom Petty.

  13. Only One 03/30/2006 at 1:37 PM #

    I agree, the athletic program is heading for a meltdown. the only question is, how bad will the carnage be.

  14. El Scrotcho 03/30/2006 at 2:03 PM #

    ^ All depends on how long the unpopular leadership clings to power.

  15. Rick 03/30/2006 at 2:34 PM #

    “If the rumors about Herb retaliating are true, that would seem true to form indeed.”

    The more I find out about Herb the less “classy” he turns out to be.

    It would be an abomination if he is locked out like that.

  16. Lou 03/30/2006 at 3:22 PM #

    Herb is not “classy” whatsoever. He is narrow minded and full of himself. He thinks he knows everything b/c he graudated from C-M. i know this first hand b/c about 4/5 years ago my basketball coach walked up to him after he had just finished watching us play and lose by 4 to Broughton HS w/ Shav Randolph (NC State Games held in Carmichael) and asked him if he had any tips or could critique the offense we ran. (which was exactly the spread offense State now runs). I was standing right there and I HEARD Herb say “No sir” and walked away. It was the most arrogant and rude thing i’ve ever heard and i hurt me b/c i was and still am a die hard NC State fan.

  17. DavidThompsonforCoach 03/30/2006 at 3:25 PM #

    I think Tommy is the greatest. I agree 100% with everything he says. Say on there ass Tommy.

  18. booman Group 03/30/2006 at 3:42 PM #

    One to the things that disturbs me the most about the interview is Burleson stating how recruits don’t want to come play under Herb for the style of offense. I hope Herb wakes up and scraps this O for something that’s more traditional and will attract top talent.

  19. choppack 03/30/2006 at 4:47 PM #

    booman – Then why do some come here? I mean, last year we signed a McD AA, and 2 other highly regarded recruits. We have a commitment from a PG who could have gone to many schools – and we may get another.

  20. David C. 03/30/2006 at 4:47 PM #

    The reason I think Tommy is speaking up is because Herb will not listen, the things Tommy are addressing in public about needing to change the system are some issues that administrators talked with Herb about after last season or at least I was told that was on the plate to be discussed with him….

    My guess is Tommy is aware of these conversations and he, himself may have had conversations with Herb to that effect with no consensus reached…

    I am glad that some folks are pushing this in public and the true Herb is coming out publically because a lot of people have blindly supported him because of how they think he is such a great individual and now that his arrogance is coming public my hope is someone with the authority will go ahead and make the push for his departure…

  21. booman Group 03/30/2006 at 4:50 PM #

    I agree we sign talent but do they pan out? do they play? Also signing McD AA’s don’t always pan out: See Duke and UNC. I’d love to see us get a top 5 recruiting class for once ,but we don’t. I know we have this PG coming in year after next,but will he play??? He’ll sit the pine like the other talented freshmen: see Courtney Fells and if he does, will Herb let him be a true PG or will they run the same old stuff?

  22. Andy 03/30/2006 at 5:04 PM #

    “There have been rumors on the web”

    I mean theres nothing more concrete than a web rumor. At least spin it as Jeff’s credible sources that provide so much other wonderful information.

  23. graywolf 03/30/2006 at 5:05 PM #

    Hammer nail head….way to stick to your guns Tommy. You represent NC State baskeball and its legacy.

  24. scott 03/30/2006 at 5:38 PM #

    Thanks, Tommy. We appreciate it!

  25. DC2 03/30/2006 at 5:58 PM #

    I hope Tom B. reads this page. It takes a lot of courage for him to speak out and give his opinion.
    Thanks for speaking for a lot of State supporters who want to see us compete, and win, at the highest level.

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